• Totally Unique presents for loved ones

  •  Silhouettes of Individuals, children, couples, dogs, multi generations of families or motorbikes/bicycle

You can choose a single, double or triple portrait, your children, whole family, pets and even favourite car or bike!


Sophie adopts the same technique and tools used by silhouette artists 300 years ago. It is a time-consuming process but essential to achieve a true likeness. She starts with a firm pencil outline, then applies a layer of black ink with miniaturist precision. The final stage uses gouache, a highly pigmented media which gives the silhouettes their characteristic depth, opacity and texture and makes them so special. This is a trial and error process and a single brushstroke the thickness of a hair can create enormous distance between the subject and his true likeness. Sophie paints her silhouettes of subjects as young as two years old.


Simply send Sophie a photo/s - detailed instructions below on how to take the best shot - and she will recreate your beloved with meticulous precision, in black or colour.


A bespoke painted Silhouette Portrait

Frame colour
  • Edition: Original hand painted with graphite pencils, ink and gouache. Signed.

    Paper Size:  21 x 29.7cm (A4), and 42 x 29.7cm (A3) , 59.4 x 42cm (A2) portrait and landscape

    Paper: Heavyweight cartridge paper, 220 gsm. Smooth, satinee, white surface.

    Frame options: Unframed or framed in white or black classic lacquered box frames with perspex aperture

    A4 Framed H43 x W33 x D3.5cm, approx 800g

    A3 Framed H52 x W42 x D3.5cm, approx 1kg

    Care: Please keep out of direct sunlight and do not hang in a damp room such as an unventilated bathroom or near direct heat like leaning on a radiator.

    Notes: I reserve the right to make prints of any originals sold.Made in the UK

    For more complex commissions such as motorbikes, airplanes, cars, please contact Sophie for a quote