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Gift  Vouchers

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The gift of a personalised portrait is such a lovely, unique and special idea that creates a beautiful memory for any birthday, anniversary or significant day.  If you or a loved one have an upcoming special day, a bespoke personal gift voucher could be just what you are looking for!

All my gift vouchers are created bespoke for each client and are available in two ways:

  1. You choose

If you already have an photograph of your loved one, their pet, home or church, you can organise it all in advance of the day. All you need to do is decide what size portrait you would like, send me the photo and I will create the portrait for you. I will then email you the voucher with an image of their portrait for you to print out and present to your loved one on their special day. We can then arrange for the delivery of the portrait directly to them.

2. Your loved one chooses

The other option is that you buy a voucher for a specific amount and your loved one can choose what they would like the portrait to be of, choose the size and take the photograph themselves. I can talk through the details of the commissioning process with them to make it as special a gift as you are looking for.  I will omit all costs from the voucher but do please feel to give me a budget guide so I can advise the recipient.

Go to the Gift Voucher page in the Shop to purchase one of my gift vouchers as a gift now! They come beautifully wrapped in charcoal paper and with ivory ribbon and Sophie can include a personalised note

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