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Silhouette Portraits

"Sophie has the amazing ability to bring life to shadows"

A scene of framed silhouette portraits by a fireplace

How Sophie paints silhouettes

Each painted portrait is unique and original, never a print!


You can choose a single, double or triple portrait, of the subject of your choice.  They can be traditional profiles, facing each other, overlapping in the same direction or action shots

Simply send Sophie the photo/s - detailed instructions below on how to take the best shot - and she will recreate your beloved with meticulous precision.

Sophie adopts the same technique and tools used by silhouette artists 250 years ago. It is a time-consuming process but essential to achieve a true likeness. She starts with a firm pencil outline, then she applies a layer of black ink with miniaturist precision. The final stage uses gouache, a highly pigmented media which gives the silhouettes their characteristic depth, opacity and texture and makes them so special.  This is a trial and error process and a single brushstroke the thickness of a hair can create enormous distance between the subject and his true likeness.

Contact Sophie to enquire about your own